B.C. teachers ask labour board to fire mediator

Description: The B.C. Teachers’ Federation has asked the B.C. Labour Relations Board to overturn the appointment of a mediator in their dispute with the provincial government.

Source: The Victoria Times Colonist

Date: 04/05/2012

Link: http://www.timescolonist.com/business/BCTF+wants+labour+board+quash+appointment+Charles+Jago+mediator/6417231/story.html

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Questions for discussion:

  • Summarize the BCTF’s argument in favour of overturning the mediator’s appointment.
  • What is the government’s response?
  • What is Dr. Jago’s response?
  • Who do you think has the strongest case?
  • Review your text’s section on labour boards. Given what you know, do you think the B.C. LRB has the power to overturn the appointment? Explain.

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